campus del mar (CEIMAR)

Escuela Internacional Doctoral de Estudios del Mar EIDEMAR

Escuela Internacional Doctoral de Estudios del Mar EIDEMAR

Información sobre Empleabilidad

Información sobre Empleabilidad

Convocatorias, Becas y Ayudas

Convocatorias, Becas y Ayudas

Community, organisation and governance

This section describes the CEIMAR community, the main partner institutions, associated organisations, and the structure of organisation and coordination.

Areas of Specialisation

CEIMAR specialises in all disciplines related to marine studies, in the sciences, social sciences, humanities and engineering

Programmes and grants

Access the wide range of programmes and grants offered by the International Campus of the Sea: Grants for Master's Degrees, Pre-doctoral Contracts, International Mobility, etc.

Environmental Observatory of the Strait of Gibraltar

The Strait of Gibraltar is one of the world's geographically strategic areas. All research conducted in this area is compiled and held at the Environmental Observatory of the Strait of Gibraltar.

EIDEMAR Doctoral School

The International Doctoral School in Marine Studies is the structure created by CEIMAR to organise and promote postgraduate studies and research at the Campus of Excellence.

Sea Pills

Access Pills of Knowledge about the Sea, the Campus's portal for audiovisual content (teaching, research, transfer, university outreach, voluntary work, etc.). View Campus events live on-line.


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